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The firm works with a variety of clients across numerous practice areas including large companies, governments, philanthropic organizations, sports groups, non-governmental organizations and other entities.

Hawksbill Group

Brand Development

Your brand is more than a logo. We can develop your brand experience, build consumer trust, and create brand loyalty.

International Operations

Our team has vast experience leading business operations around the world and can navigate through any challenges in the global marketplace.

Corporate Reputation Issues & Crisis Management

Maintaining your corporate integrity is critical to building your business. We can ensure you’re protected when the unexpected happens.

Corporate Strategy & Finance

Our C-level leaders develop transformative strategies that create sustainable long-term growth and increased profitability.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

We eliminate waste, improve processes and manage cash flow to optimize your manufacturing and supply chain practices.

International Relations/Government Affairs

We have established relationships with government leaders around the world.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

We can protect your organization’s future with a structured plan to reach your goals while minimizing risk, managing costs, and meeting regulatory requirements.

Organization Development & Change Management

Today’s rapidly changing market requires fast and flawless transition of strategies, systems, and human capital. We can help.

Public Policy, Regulatory and Government Relations

Your business will benefit from the trusted relationships we’ve built over many years managing complex regulatory and legislative issues.

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