The Hawksbill Group

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Global Challenge.
World Class Response.

C-Suite Expertise

We offer C-level execs (not business school grads) with extensive and valuable experience managing multi-billion dollar businesses.

Unparalleled Resources

We have deep legislative and regulatory contacts around the world, and our partners, consultants, advisors and specialized research firms are ready to help.

Customized Solutions

We’re selective and engage a limited number of clients so we can focus our attention on developing customized strategies and solutions to reach your goals.

About the Hawksbill Group

Hawksbill Group takes its name from the Hawksbill Turtle, one of the most beautiful and tenacious creatures in our ocean. For centuries the turtle has been hunted for its shell, but despite this has managed to thrive in its natural environment. As a child our founder, Bob Ferguson, swam with these turtles. Even as a young boy he was impressed with their beauty, gracefulness and focus as they swam and hunted. To help these turtles continue to live free and safe a portion of the firm’s fees go to the preservation of the Hawksbill Turtle.