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Hawksbill Group

Grow | Solve | Build | Develop


Hawksbill Group’s mission is to assist corporations and organizations to…

grow revenues
solve complex problems
build lasting brands
develop effective strategies

Founded by experienced and accomplished leaders, Hawksbill Group provides advice and strategies to clients during times of transition and challenges.

Our counsel is based on proven strategies and informed research that drives measurable bottom-line results.

The Hawksbill team knows the theoretical – it has Purdue engineers and London School of Economics graduates among its founders – but it goes the next step to blend thoughtful strategies with proven business practices; practices honed through decades of leading complex, international organizations.

About the Hawksbill Group

Hawksbill Group takes its name from the Hawksbill Turtle, one of the most unique creatures in our ocean. They are an icon of longevity, build bridges between land and water, and behind their quiet demeanor, they are ecological movers and shakers.

Our founder, Bob Ferguson, swam with these turtles as a boy growing up in the Bahamas and never forgot their beauty or tenacity.

To help these turtles continue to live free and thrive, a portion of the firm’s fees go to the preservation of the Hawksbill.


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