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Mike Robinson

Mr. Robinson has joined the Hawksbill Group as Vice President Regulatory Compliance and Sustainability. He was an executive at General Motors Company from 1984-2014 in a variety of legal and public policy capacities, and was the Vice-President for Sustainability and Global Regulatory Affairs when he retired in 2014. In that capacity, he worked to help inform senior government leadership and staff on regulatory issues critical to the GM business including successful discussions and relationships with the highest levels of the US EPA, the US Department of Transportation, the National Highway and Safety Administration, the Department of Energy and a number of state agencies. He has worked with members of Congress and the Senate to help inform the legislative process on issues ranging from future vehicle propulsion technologies, fuel economy, vehicle safety systems and proposed environmental regulations.

During his years at GM, Robinson also initiated constructive dialogue on GM environmental performance and sustainability with a number of former GM adversaries including environmental advocacy and non-governmental (NGO) groups. In fact, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) the Pew Center for Climate Change and Coalition of Responsible Economies became important members of the GM Advisory Group on Sustainability during Mike’s watch. Robinson served as one of only a few private sector members of the US EPA Administrator’s Advisory Group. Robinson is a graduate of Villanova Law School (JD) and the College of the Holy Cross (BA). He was an Air Force officer from 1977-81. He lives with his wife, Jocelyn, in the Blue RIdge Mountains near Asheville, NC and is active in local academic and volunteer work there.

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